Filter : Le retour de Brian Liesegang !

Nouveau single pour Filter ! Richard Patrick, que l’on a pu soupçonner d’être partisan des animaux préhistoriques partouzeurs de droite, remet une couche contre l’Amérique de Trump. Alors, le titre est étonnamment pas dégueu, apparemment, le frontman s’est remis à bosser avec Brian Liesegang qui l’accompagnait sur les deux premiers albums de Filter. Et ça, c’est plutôt une très bonne nouvelle !

« The character in the video is a Trump-supporting, gun-loving, unmedicated, super-freak ‘merican unhinged and at his wits’ end. And he’s trying to take control of something that is not out of control. And he’s afraid. He’s the super-afraid white male. The Trump-supporting nutbag that I hope I can reach.

« These guys that are so far right that they think CNN, NBC, ABC, MSNBC [and] BBC are all out to get our President Trump. Like they’re all in a conspiracy to be super-left-wing, crazy liars. I’m trying to make an attempt to show them what they look like. These are the guys that can only listen to Fox News and Breitbart and that type of news outlet. They believe every fucking thing that the Rush Limbaughs, the Alex Joneses [say] and listen to only the right wing, ‘the truth, man.’ They do their ‘own research’ and believe 9/11 was an inside job, President Obama wasn’t a real citizen and the lunar landings were faked. Hillary Clinton personally went out and killed people in Benghazi and it’s her fault, she’s [a] criminal and ‘lock her up.’ It’s those people that I’m portraying in the video. »

Source : Blabbermouth