The Murder Capital : Un premier nouveau single !

Même si le nouvel album n’est pas encore officiel, on ne doute pas que le dernier single de The Murder Capital, « Only Good Things », le préfigure avec un premier album sorti (déjà) en 2019. Le plus fou, James McGovern semble heureux dans son chant !

“This track for us has been an exciting evolution for the band. It’s so bright. It’s so colorful. This is a part of the narrative of the overall record that we feel reaches a real place of inner calm, inner peace but at its core, it’s a love song. You get a song like this where, the protagonist in this song is quite simply asking – not pleading – just willing to ask their counterpart to rid them of their intrusive thoughts, the devils on their shoulders and to be truly vulnerable. We’re so excited to go to a place like this because perhaps it’s not what is expected of us. It stood out to me during the creation of this record that it is more about the friends that are still here and celebrating those connections, those relationships and being unafraid of life and it’s many seasons. Where ‘Only Good Things’ stands within the record is at a moment where the sonic and the lyrical narrative especially, are of newfound joy.”

Source : Prescription PR