The Subways : Nouveau single en écoute

Nouveau line-up pour The Subways depuis le départ du frangin batteur (Josh Morgan) et nouveau single avec « You Kill My Cool ». Par contre, pas de surprise pour les amateurs du groupe qui y retrouveront le même son (un single, ma foi, plutôt agréable).

“‘You Kill My Cool’ was written at a time when I felt love so strongly that I wanted to be consumed by it, to give myself over to it entirely.

I recognised a self-effacement in this feeling, as it was a willing submission or surrender that was as much destructive as it was productive. You become ecstatic, beside yourself, and not what you were before. Time stops but moves too quickly, you grow but you also diminish, you feel pleasure alongside immense pain.

“The one you love is more than just a single number amongst seven-billion others, more than a profile picture or a name by which you call them. They’re godlike—and with such power, they can send you to a state of nirvana and they can demolish you. Either of which continues to enthral.” — Billy Lunn

Source : Facebook