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Le Hellfest 2006 aura bientôt son DVD (le 2 Avril en fait) et comptera outre les lives, des reportages et des interviews. La tracklist là où vous savez….
Agnostic Front – All Is Not Forgotten
Allegiance – No Dice
As I lay Dying – Distance To Darkness
Born from Pain – Rise Or Die
Carnival in Coal – Dressed Like Pazuzu
Cephalic Carnage – Black Metal Sabbath
Cortez – El Vetic
Dagoba – The Things Within
Danko Jones – Invisible
Dead kennedys – Kill The Poor
Drowning – Like a Coiled Serpent
Enstand – Remind Me
Gadget – The Sentinel
Got it Alone – The Silence
Happy face – Le Bon Choix
Hatesphere – Only The Strongest
Hellmotel – Hang Us Young
Knut – Neon Guide
Locus – Tony Montana
Madball – Heaven Hell
Mad Sin – Fuel For Brains
Nightmare – Heretic
Outburst – Hangover
Sonny Red – Beyond The Icon Of Pleasure
Taint – He Got Cop Eyes
Trepalium – Decease my life
Zyklon – Way Of The World