A Perfect Circle : Profitez tant que c’est en ligne !

– Dis Papa Maynard, quand est-ce que tu sors un album avec A Perfect Circle ? Dis papa Maynard, quand est-ce que tu sors un album avec A Perfect Circle ? Dis Papa Maynard, c’est quand que tu sors un album de Tool ?

– Alors ça tu vois mon enfant, c’est une tourné qu’on organise aux States avec les copains de A Perfect Circle et il se trouve qu’on a même balancé un tout nouveau titre lors d’un live à Las Vegas. Et même que ça s’appelle « Feathers » alors que Papa Maynard et Tonton Howerdel on bosse sur les nouvelles compos. Sortie prévue en 2017 si tout va bien.

Source : ThePRP

Howerdel :

“So far I’ve just been working by myself. Literally, been in my room with no one else around working on these songs. I send mixes off to Maynard on a server and he’s been working on them in his isolation. Then we’re going to get together next month and combine where we’re holding these ideas, then get in a room and get with the band, play them in a live setting and see what happens with the human element that comes into the picture.

I’m waiting for some feedback—some of Maynard’s ideas. We tracked years ago. I’m getting very anxious and curious to see where Maynard is at with things. Right now, I have the songs in demo form but they’re easily finishable, but he’s sending me down different paths and has asked me to take out my scissors and cut them into different shapes and paste them back on a page. We can be in the same room but we just happen to be communicating about the same track—just in different parts of the country.”