Shame : Un documentaire à mâter demain sur Youtube !

Nos petits gars de Shame ont décidé de nous donner un peu d’images et annoncent, pour demain, la disponibilité du documentaire « Live In The Flesh » sur Youtube à 18h. Un doc’ qui mêlera live et scènes backstage du groupe.

« Coming imminently to both big and small screens alike, a groundbreaking insight into Britain’s most derivative band. Shame – Live in the Flesh.

Directed by Ja Humby of the Molten Jets, this (almost) feature length film has a selection of songs off Drunk Tank Pink performed live from Electric Brixton, as well as an unfortunately accurate depiction of backstage, pre-show life with shame.

Set your alarms and grease your fingers for Thursday 5pm GMT, when we will release this masterpiece unto the world via the prestigious and distinctively covid-friendly medium of YouTube Red Carpet. It was meant to be at Leicester Square, but such is the modern world. »

Source : Facebook