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Petit déception pour ceux qui attendent l’album des Black Light Burns, Wes Borland nous apprend que le line up de la tournée ne sera pas le même que celui de l’album, donc pas de Josh Freese (parce que trop occupé), pas de Danny Lohner non plus ou de Josh Eustis car produisant sans cesse d’autres projets. Ils seront remplacés par Nick Annis (qui n’aime pas tant que ça le 51) à la guitare et Marshall Kilpatric à la batterie.

Heysoos Kristos

Alright already… there will be label noose by next Monday or before. They perked up after that blog. Anyway, how’s it hanging? Good? Nice. OK. Nick Annis is the Black Light Burns guitar player and Marshall Kilpatric is the drummer. What else…. I’m doing some guitar clinics in March. We’ll be discussing how to make lots of noise and how to rip and molt like a fire-sword wielding dragon without coming off like you’re in a fusion band like Chic Korea. It’s gonna be rad like a Mike McGill handplant if he were riding a 1980’s Variflex with pink Airwalks. So for all you hosers who live in Malaysia, Indonesia, and India, let’s get it on (in March, not right now…). Right, so that’s it. -Wes

Addendum: I’ve talked about this for months. The touring lineup is not the same as the album lineup on “Cruel Melody”. If you don’t want to come to the shows because Josh Freese isn’t playing, then who cares. Your loss. Beat it. Josh has like a hundred million other things to do, and Danny and Josh Eustice are both producing projects all the time now. This was MY record that I made with a bunch of my best friends who also happen to be pretty regular studio musicians.