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Amenra vient de publier un teaser pour un événement en ligne sobrement intitulé Le Cercle, qui aura lieu le 12 décembre.

Il s’agit du dernier concert avant le départ de leur bassiste Levy Seynaeve, qui avait déjà été diffusé dans le cadre du European Metal Alliance.

Les places sont à 10€ et déjà disponibles par ici.


On a summer night this year we all came together on a meadow in our hometown, Kortrijk, to play our latest album, MASS VI in its entirety. This recorded performance was as a part of the European Metal Alliance online festival, and was the last concert we would be playing with our bassplayer, Levy Seynaeve. For one last time the circle of that AMENRA era was complete. We would now like to provide you with another opportunity to view this memorable meeting of friends. It was only us, and a crew of extremely talented friends. The sparse natural setting, special light set-up and drone footage makes for a unique concert experience like never before.

A link to be replaced in this chain of strength. A circle of fire to be drawn over and over again.


Proximity despite distance. While giving birth to this new piece of music, the idea grew to honor the sacred nature of the Horizon. To face Natures torn flesh. I joined forces with my brethren of L’Homme Sauvage Festival, whom made it possible to film on their unique and magnificent grounds in Auzas, South of France during the summer of 2020. Commissioned by Cvlt Nation, directed and edited by William Lacalmontie, mixed and mastered by Tim de Gieter.

A gathering in absence.

Presented by Church Of Ra.

Maintenant on attend avec impatience le feat de Fianso dans “Mass VII”.