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Les fans le savaient un peu à fleur de peau ces derniers temps, Anthony ayant eu quelques rechutes, le frontman de Circa Survive et Saosin a donc annoncé son prochain album solo, qui conforme un peu tout ça. Celui ne s’appellera donc pas « Boom. Done » qui allait être un album d’un énième groupe mais bien un truc en solo mais avec plein de copains (The High And Driving Band), oui la nuance est subtile. Le premier single « Don’t Dance » sortira le 22 Avril et l’album ? Bah, on ne sait pas encore.

This album started out as a new band. I was going to call it “boom.done” I didn’t want it to be under my name for reasons of self-doubt and self hatred. I was on my way out the door. Navigating around my insecurities in an unhealthy way has been a big part of my life and I’m working on seeing my true self without the filter of self defeating self obsession. Self hatred is self obsession too. By the mercy of my friends and teachers I’ve made it through the darkest time of my life and this group of songs captures the essence of that journey. It’s not about my relationship with drugs or people, it’s about my relationship with myself. Someone once told me to share what makes you feel most embarrassed or ashamed and the shame will die in the light of exposure. These songs are a part of that exposure and process. The first single ‘Don’t Dance’ is liberated April 22. Presave it now at https://orcd.co/8dgz5a8. The high and driving band is.

Source : Facebook