Chocolat signe son retour après une excellente tournée (dont un passage à la Péniche démentiel), avec le morceau “Ah Ouin”. Ce dernier bénéficie d’ailleurs d’un clip d’animation, réalisé par Jonathan Robert.

hélicobite ah ouin chocolat

A noter à partir de 01:09, ce superbe hélicobite de rapace.

Pour les curieux, voici plus d’explications sur le clip (en anglais) :

The video for ‘Ah Ouin’ depicts Looloo’s (the album’s main character) arrival on Earth. Neither a man nor a women, its head is an upside down guitar and it wears an Evel Knievel suit.

The alien quickly becomes a (sort of) half God to everyone, mostly to the people and creatures on the margins of society. Amongst them, there are nymphs, cats, a falcon, a jackal, strange Siamese and other disreputable people capable of all vices.

Idolized by its followers, Looloo orders the construction of its kingdom in the palm of a volcano and controls the crowd like a tyrant King of Rock’n Roll. It’s in this décor of chaos and magma that you see Chocolat perform.

The visual treatment of the video is inspired by psychedelic-cartoon feel of the 60s and a retro-sci-fi mood of the animation made in the 70s and 80s. It’s like a meeting between Yellow Submarine (animation film by The Beatles) and Heavy Metal (the renowned sci-fi comic book).Jonathan Robert

Leur nouvel album “Rencontrer Looloo” débarque quant à lui le 11 novembre chez Teenage Menopause.

Ecouter et pré-commander “Rencontrer Looloo” de Chocolat

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