Circa Survive : Le groupe en hiatus indéfini

Alors qu’Anthony Green enchaine les projets à vitesse grand V, le supergroupe LS Dunes, ses albums solo, une tournée Saosin ou encore un nouvel EP de The Sound Of Animals FIghting, on n’entndait pas trop parler de Circa Survive. Mais cela semblait légitime après 2 EP sortis en 2021 et une sorte de roulement musical frénétique chez son frontman. Oui mais non. Le groupe a annoncé être en hiatus indéfini confirmant par la même occasion que leur dernière prestation live aura donc eu bien lieu en même temps que le dernier live de Everytime I Die ! AOUCH !

hi creature family, wanted to share the statement below with you all first. it will be getting posted publicly sometime today. love you all so much. – C

Many of you have asked where things stand with us and to be totally transparent, our future is currently uncertain. For the time being, we’re considering Circa on an indefinite hiatus. We want to thank you for all your love and support, especially over the last few years which were the hardest we have ever had to endure. Extra special thanks to the creatures.

Tomorrow we’ll be announcing ‘Two Dreams‘ a collection of both EPs with deluxe vinyl packaging that has been in the works for awhile now. Stay tuned for that announcement.

love and gratitude.”

Un message signé de Colin Frangicetto, seconde tête pensante du groupe.

Source : Facebook