Franz Ferdinand : Un single dansé et dansant

Après avoir déçu un petit peu en annonçant un « simple » best of, les Franz Ferdinand avaient tout de même décidé de sortir 2 titres inédits et voici donc le second « Curious » et son côté ultra dansant, mené jusqu’au bout de son concept par le groupe.

Sonically, it’s more at the silky dance floor end of what the band is about. That one’s about imagining yourself in a situation at the beginning of a romantic relationship, being part of the magical moments and suddenly being overwhelmed by the sense of what’s to come and wondering how you will be when repetition, routine and the everyday is what your relationship becomes.

“Are you still going to love me when the magic has faded?”

So, it’s a dance song we said later on when thinking about a video. And we’ve always said we play dance music said Bob, so why don’t we dance in the video? So we gave Andy Knowles, our old pal who was in Bob’s class at Art School and played with FF in 2005/6, a shout and he was up for it. You can spot his cameo and, yes, that is us actually dancing.” — Alex Kapranos

Rappelons que le groupe sera en tournée ce printemps.
26.03.22 – Aix en Provence – 6MIC
28.03.22 – Brest – Brest Arena
29.03.22 – Rennes – Le Liberté – Rennes
30.03.22 – Bordeaux – Arkéa Arena
20.04.22 – Paris – Zenith Paris – La Villette
04.05.22 – Dijon – Zénith de Dijon
06.05.22 – Lille – Zénith de Lille
07.05.22 – Rouen – ZENITH ROUEN

Source : AliasProductions