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Alors que l’on touchait du doigt la sortie du troisième Glass Animals, “Dreamland”, prévu le 10 Juillet, le groupe a décidé de reporter la sortie. En regard du contexte actuel aux États-Unis fait de protestations sociales plus que justifiées, l’album sortira le 7 Août. Mais histoire de faire patienter les fans, Wavey Davey claque un nouveau clip pour le titre “Heat Waves”, fait de confinement forcé et de concert fantôme.

“HEAT WAVES IS OUT NOW. it’s about realising you can’t make everyone happy. and realising it’s ok to be defeated by something. we are often expected to ‘be strong’ and to swallow our sadness. failing to do that is seen as weakness. so we try to cover up our feelings and hide inside of TV shows or video games or drink or drugs. but being vulnerable should be a positive thing. there was a review in a big publication we got early on that said i was ‘too effeminate’ because of the way I sang and that that was weak and gross.

its 2020. there’s no space for that sh*t anymore.

the music video is out too. it’s meant to reference the sentiments in the song…about being defeated and unable to save something…but tweaked the context a little. I’ll do another post about it tomorrow explaining more. i hope you like the song, its a special one to me.


Source : Facebook