Hayden Thorpe : la douceur faite homme !

Un peu de douceur dans ce monde de brütasses dégueulasses, Hayden Thorpe, ex-frontman de Wild Beasts, nous revient avec un nouvel EP « Aerial Songs » prévu le 16 Octobre prochain. 3 titres qui sentent déjà bon le coton, la légèreté, les draps lavés tout doux lavés par ta maman que comment elle fait pour que ça sente si bon tout le temps ?

« When my planned performance at the inaugural Lake District Aerial Festival was repurposed as a commission for new work, I decided to develop a batch of songs that had the Lake District in them. And when I say in them, I mean in their very makeup. If you think of songs as natural phenomena then you come to realise that there must be songs growing in trees all around us right now. Songs begin in the soil. Before it was carved, the guitar witnessed events in the woodland long before the writer existed. The writer simply captures the song and sings it back into the air and back into the trees in one elaborate circle song.
Aerial Songs EP is my own Cumbrian folk psychedelia; luminous greens, purple fell sides, valleys that move like a melody and brooding skies mirrored in vast inland seas. They are songs of a secretive land, protected by its secretive people. »

Source : Facebook