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Un nouveau clip très minimaliste pour le titre le plus “fragile” de Jehnny Beth a été diffusé sur les réseaux des internets. Le clip est réalisé par son compagnon de vie, Johnny Hostile, la chanteuse explique un peu plus ce “French Countryside” écrit aux côté de Romy Madley Croft de the XX  :

“This is the song that caused me the most issues. Up until the last week of mixing we didn’t have a version I was happy with, but I am very proud of it now. I almost didn’t put it on the record because it is so close to the bone it almost feels too self indulgent, but it was my intention to write a song that felt more vulnerable than anything I had ever written before. Romy was a huge influence for me to be able to do that. It’s a promise song, I wrote the verses on a plane as I was convinced it was going to crash. I was making promises to myself about what I was going to do differently if I survived. Death has been very present in my mind during the process of writing this record. It all started around Bowie’s death.”

Source : Facebook