Kid Kapichi : Nouveau titre = nouveau clip (duh) !

Les classiques et pourtant efficaces Kid Kapichi partagent un nouveau titre avec « New England » enregistré avec Bob Vylan et qui revient sur la petite dérive nationaliste qui touche la plupart des pays, dont l’Angleterre.

“‘New England’ is a song that targets the blindly patriotic, grabs them by the shoulders, shakes them and shouts ‘wake up’. We’re living in scary times where the top of society have found a way to turn the working class against themselves. We become more confident in our xenophobia as it’s only reinforced by our government on a daily basis.”

“We’ve been mugged off and sold a lie time and time again and the scary thing is people seem to still be making the same mistakes. Maybe out of pure ignorance or maybe in a stubborn act of defiance. Either way it’s hard to watch. » — Jack Wilson

Source : Facebook