Metz : Un troisième et (toujours) furieux single !

Le prochain « Atlas Vending » de Metz continue de se dévoiler avec un troisième single nommé « Blind Youth Industrial Park » et son clip venu du turfu et de l’apocalypse.

À noter, le groupe ne pouvant défendre son disque live, il propose de les retrouver en live et en stream le 15 Octobre prochain pour interpréter l’ensemble de son album (sortant le 9 Octobre pour rappel). Les tickets sont dispo ici.

« The loss of live music has left a huge void in our lives. Something that is intrinsic to who we are as people has been taken away. In hopes of filling that void until there is a safer way to be with you, we will be playing the entirety of Atlas Vending live at one of our favorite local independent venues, The Opera House right here in Toronto, and streaming it straight to you on October 15th at 6pm PST / 9pm ET and again on October 17th at 8pm BST / 9pm CET / 8pm AEST. We want, so badly, to find that feeling again, to forget the world for a moment and share a brand new album that we love very much (plus some oldies) with all of you.
Tickets for the streams as well as ticket bundles with Atlas Vending on LP, the limited edition poster for the shows, and the Atlas Vending t-shirt are available at
To everyone who has come to our shows and danced, sweat, and screamed we hope you can join us once again. LOVE, METZ. »

Source : Facebook