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Alors, okay, okay la déception est générale. Pas de tournée 2021 pour Nick Cave, contraint de reporter malgré sa réelle envie de faire du live :

“When the pandemic first hit and we had to postpone the European tour I was given the opportunity to take stock, and to see what I actually wanted to do with my life.Well, I took stock. I took a year’s stock. I came to the conclusion that what I most wanted to do in life was to play live. I truly miss it. Cancelling the tour is a great disappointment to me, and to the rest of the band. We tried to make it work but, in the end… we felt we had to make the decision to cancel, at least for now.”

MAIS ! Le chanteur ne déçoit pas et explique qu’il va bosse sur un nouvel album !

“Time to make a record. Speak to you all again in the New Year.”

Merci Père Noël.

Source : Consequence Of Sound