LOL : Un fan de punk trolle une radio US conservatrice

Un gentil troll qui a quand même pas mal buzzé Outre Atlantique puisque l’illustrateur Rob Dobi a décidé d’appeler un show matinal radiophonique conservateur. Le mec a donc décidé de placer un maximum de noms de groupes punk et apparemment, c’est passé crème !

« One of my main problems is… I’m a Republican in a fairly liberal area, sometimes I feel like everyone is just Against Me! I feel like what we need to do is listen to what our Descendents told us. ​’Cause in the past we Refused to live a Life Of Agony. I’m Sick Of It All. Im sick of people thinking we’re just a Minor Threat. Enough of that Fugazi. A lot of these people just got Bad Brains, that are Misfits that waive Black Flag and they’re practically Anti-Flag. I think we need to Converge and help the Youth Of Today because every time you blink, 182 kids, they go missing…”

Ça change des doigts d’honneur ou encore des invasions de capitole…

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