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Guitariste furieux chez l’intenable duo Slaves, Laurie Vincent a décidé de sortir un premier titre solo, nommé “Love You, Bye”. Et c’est assez inattendu puisque plutôt posé.

In Jan 2019 i set myself a challenge, to write and finish one song. I’d always wanted to write my own lyrics but convinced myself i couldnt. In awe of other lyricists i just simply felt i didnt have ‘it’, whatever that mystical ‘it’ is.
However after spending my entire adult life trying to inspire others to follow their dreams i felt it was time to take some of my own advice.
After a few months of trying i ended up with 10 half decent demos. Achieving something new, I’d already surpassed my own expectations and i felt a whole new lease of energy. Creativity for me is an uncomparable buzz, it is my life blood.
I took my (very rough) songs to my good friend and previous collaborator Jolyon Thomas, to get some help making them sound how i envisioned, we instantly struck up an understanding. He helped take my rough ideas and make them whole.
This project has been over a year in the making, this year has provided me with the biggest challenges personally in my life and now we face one of the biggest challenges globally in my lifetime. It feels more necessary than ever to share this song with you.

I’m beyond proud and excited to give to you ‘LOVE YOU, BYE.’ (LINK IN BIO) The first single from mine and Jolyons new project LARRY PINK THE HUMAN.

Written from my perspective ‘LOVE YOU, BYE.’ is about my experience with anxiety, self confidence, not having control but trying to make peace with the inevitability of our lives. Acceptance how we can’t truly ever be in control, yet we are the ones in the driving seat. It feels more relevant now than ever, in these strange times.
I hope you enjoy it as much as i enjoyed making it. Welcome to the start of a new journey.

Source : Instagram