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Haaaa pour sortir un album de Tool, faut 12 ans mais pour monter un super groupe, un peu moins. Oui, The Legend Of The Seagulllmen, vous risquez d’en entendre parler car si Danny Carey s’occupe de la batterie, le projet de ce supergroupe a été monté avec Brent Hinds de Mastodon et Jimmy Hayward réalisateur/animateur (!), le mec a par exemple bossé sur Toy Story. Alors on sait pas s’ils comptent nous faire des persos à la Gorillaz, en tout cas, un premier titre s’offre à vos oreilles et ça n’a rien à voir avec la BO de la Petite Sirène ! Sortie prévue le 09 Février 2018 et pas 2017 comme l’annonce la vidéo du dessus.

Source : ThePRP

01. We Are The Seagullmen
02. The Fogger
03. Shipswreck
04. Curse of the Red Tide
05. Legend of the Seagullmen
06. The Orca
07. Rise of the Giant
08. Ballad of the Deep Sea Diver

“I first met Brent Hinds through [Kyuss and Queens of the Stone age mastermind] Josh Homme,” begins Jimmy Hayward, who spearheads the band.

When I was working on the comic book film adaptation Jonah Hex, he asked me what I was listening to, and I said ‘Mastodon on repeat.’ So Josh connected us, and Brent and [drummer] Brann flew out to New Orleans to visit me while I was shooting…. Eventually I put him in the movie and we played guitar together and formed a lifelong bond based on a deep passion for music and indefinable love for chaos.

When we came back to L.A. to record the film score together he introduced me to vocalist and artist David ‘The Doctor Dreyer,’ who had a vision to do nautical rock with deep lore. We discussed doing a nautical spaghetti western, so I wrote the “Deep Sea Diver” music with him and we connected musically on a whole other level.

Meanwhile, Brent had been dabbling with Doctor’s Seagullmen idea and after a few jams we all played together at a surf contest in Florida. Brent claims that the band really got going when he gave Doctor a rare custom guitar he calls the Seagull, which Doctor plays to this day. Brent claims it still belongs to him, but it hasn’t left the Doctor’s side in years… It’s a band talisman.”