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Vous vous souvenez peut-être de cette [url=https://visual-music.org/news-3516.htm]news[/url] d’Evans publiée en 2004 (!) concernant un side-project comprenant Daryl Palumbo (Glassjaw), Geoff Rickley (Thursday), Alex Saavedra (Eyeball Records), Eric Cooper (Kiss It Goodbye) et Chee (The Number Twelve Looks Like You) et dont on a finalement plus jamais entendu parler ? Et bien, Rickley en parle dans une interview qu’il a récemment donné. Rendez-vous donc en suite pour savoir ce que devient United Nations parce que c’est comme ça que ça s’appelle.
En anglais parce que je suis trop feignant pour traduire 🙂

[b]Everyone wants to know, what’s going on with his United Nations band[/b]?
[i]Geoff Rickly: We were supposed to record before we started this tour but my grandmother died on the last few days of the Rise Against tour so I needed to go home and deal with family stuff. We have a solid lineup and we have seven or eight songs written. We’re gonna write a few more and put the record out later this year. It’s going to take a little more planning because everyone is so busy. We lost a big block of time that we could have worked on it and the Glassjaw tour was so last minute and that also took away from time that we could have spent on it.[/i]