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Era Vulgaris” c’est le nom du putain d’album des Queens Of The Stone Age qui sortira en juin. Et bordel, j’en bande d’avance.
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“[i]I was at the Sizzler today.

Hitting the cheese bread pretty hard you know how I do.Heard a French guy in the booth behind me dropping bombs.Turns out QOTSA are going to be doing some press to announce the new album.the Dr. is not gonna be scooped like a pile of potato salad.The record is called Era Vulgaris.It’s coming out in June.Your fake track lists makes the Dr. laugh like a little girl.Into the HollowSick, Sick, SickMisfit LoveBattery AcidCould be song titles. or could not.go sign up on the mailing list for future insider infothen get off the internet and go get laid, its valentines daykisses,

Dr. Inside[/i]”