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Frank Carter est rock, très rock. Mais à 35 ans, c’est trop tard gars, lâche l’affaire ! Le club des 27 ans, c’est dead ! Et t’as bien failli être dead, mec ! Le frontman a eu un accident de bagnole jeudi soir, il s’en sort plutôt bien quand on voit l’état de l’épave. Résultat, une rotule déplacée, des côtes meurtries, des coupures alors que son pote a eu droit à la désincarcération par les pompiers et des côtes cassées, la rate déchirée, une triple facture au bassin… Au final, le groupe décalera une semaine de concert aux États-Unis, souhaitons aux deux fast & furious un prompt rétablissement puisqu’une tournée européenne suit derrière…

On Thursday night at 7:20pm I was involved in a serious car accident in Devon, UK. I crawled out of the wreck with some cuts and scrapes, a kneecap in the wrong place, bruised ribs and a headache that won’t go away.
My friend Pete was less fortunate, he was cut from the wreckage by no less than eleven firefighters with a triple fractured pelvis, ruptured spleen, multiple broken ribs and the kind of cuts and bruises you get from being hit by a car.
We were all taken by ambulance to Derriford A&E where I stayed until 7:30am the next morning when I was finally released with a collection of minor injuries and a new appreciation of living.
I have unfortunately been told I am unable to fly while my body recovers. As it stands the first week of our American tour will not proceed as planned. We looked at all the ways I could come and play the shows but once the doctor had seen me it was clear flying to New York this weekend was not an option. We will do everything in our power to make it up to you and are reviewing all the options including rescheduling.

Source : Facebook