Chris Cornell : Toujours vivant en fait !

C’est tout comme ! Chris Cornell, décédé de mort irrémédiable et définitive voit un nouvel album sortir quand même ! « No One Sings Like You Anymore » propose donc 10 reprises signé du Père Cornell, le tout ayant été enregistré en 2016 pour rendre hommage aux artistes qui l’ont inspiré (John Lennon, Janis Joplin, Prince, les Guns…)

La sortie physique est prévue pour le 19 Mars, le temps qu’il valide les derniers détails, c’est ça ?

Sa femme qui ne perd pas le Nord explique :

“This album is so special because it is a complete work of art that Chris created from start to finish. His choice of covers provides a personal look into his favorite artists and the songs that touched him. He couldn’t wait to release it. This moment is bittersweet because he should be here doing it himself, but it is with both heartache and joy that we share this special album. All of us could use his voice to help heal and lift us this year, especially during the holiday season. I am so proud of him and this stunning record, which to me illustrates why he will always be beloved, honored, and one the greatest voices of our time.”

Sa fille Toni explique quant à elle :

“When my dad was making this album, it was so fun — I remember waking up in the morning, having breakfast with him, and going with him into the studio,” added Toni Cornell. “We would take our piano lessons there and Christopher would play video games with Brendan and my dad. We got to experience so much with him and have so many amazing memories. I’m really happy to be sharing this album. We love you, daddy.”

No One Sings Like You Anymore Tracklist:
01. Get It While You Can (popularized by Janet Joplin)
02. Jump Into The Fire (Harry Nilsson)
03. Sad Sad City (Ghostland Observatory)
04. Patience (Guns N’ Roses)
05. Nothing Compares 2 U (Prince)
06. Watching The Wheels (John Lennon)
07. You Don’t Know Nothing About Love (Carl Hall)
08. Showdown (Electric Light Orchestra)
09. To Be Treated Rite (Terry Reid)
10. Stay With Me Baby (Lorraine Ellison)

Source : Facebook