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Alors que le supergroupe Killer Be Killed s’apprête à sortir son second album dans deux semaines, ils se sont dits qu’ils pouvaient balancer un nouveau single (le troisième). Et quel single ! Single, ça rime avec ça gueule et on va pas s’en plaindre tant ça envoie. “Inner Calm From Outer Storms” s’écoute sur volume max (cavalera ?).

En tout cas, Puciato le dit, il se sent vraiment dans un groupe avec Killer Be Killed contrairement à The Dilinger Escape Plan :

“This [Killer Be Killed] is more of a band than I’ve been in for a really long time. I wouldn’t even say Dillinger was a ‘real band’, because there were a couple of people in the band and a couple hired. It became this fuckin’ Voltron where we went through, like, 40 members. Also, the writing relationship between Ben [Weinman, The Dillinger Escape Plan guitarist] and I was completely segregated where we wrote our individual parts, then smashed them together. With KBK, it’s much more natural. We’re all equal members.
I want people to hear this and be like, ‘Who the fuck are Mastodon?’ or, ‘Who the fuck are Dillinger Escape Plan?’ I want it to appeal to people who’ve heard our other bands but never really liked them. I want these songs to reach beyond our existing fans and superfans, to people who people who don’t know who we already are. I want this record to be part of the heavy fucking lineage of metal history. But none of this is premeditated. You’ve just gotta drop the bomb and keep on flying.”

Source : ThePRP