Killer Be Killed : Un single de faux calmes/vrais furieux.

Alors que le supergroupe Killer Be Killed s’apprête à sortir son second album dans deux semaines, ils se sont dits qu’ils pouvaient balancer un nouveau single (le troisième). Et quel single ! Single, ça rime avec ça gueule et on va pas s’en plaindre tant ça envoie. « Inner Calm From Outer Storms » s’écoute sur volume max (cavalera ?).

En tout cas, Puciato le dit, il se sent vraiment dans un groupe avec Killer Be Killed contrairement à The Dilinger Escape Plan :

« This [Killer Be Killed] is more of a band than I’ve been in for a really long time. I wouldn’t even say Dillinger was a ‘real band’, because there were a couple of people in the band and a couple hired. It became this fuckin’ Voltron where we went through, like, 40 members. Also, the writing relationship between Ben [Weinman, The Dillinger Escape Plan guitarist] and I was completely segregated where we wrote our individual parts, then smashed them together. With KBK, it’s much more natural. We’re all equal members.
I want people to hear this and be like, ‘Who the fuck are Mastodon?’ or, ‘Who the fuck are Dillinger Escape Plan?’ I want it to appeal to people who’ve heard our other bands but never really liked them. I want these songs to reach beyond our existing fans and superfans, to people who people who don’t know who we already are. I want this record to be part of the heavy fucking lineage of metal history. But none of this is premeditated. You’ve just gotta drop the bomb and keep on flying. »

Source : ThePRP