Prophets of Rage : La séparation !

Conséquence logique de la reformation de Rage Against The Machine, c’est Prophets Of Rage qui se sépare.

Les deux maîtres rapeurs B-Real et Chuck D y sont tous deux allés de leur communiqué, remerciant les fans pour l’aventure.




DJ Lord s’est quant à lui contenté de reposter le message de B-Real en y ajoutant un petit mot.



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“Salute to all the fans worldwide…MUCH ♥️!” #Repost @breal I want to say thank you to the fans that supported @prophetsofrage for the time we’ve been rocking together. It’s been an honor to rock stages and people of all ages with these guys. It’s been a great time and great memories in a short time. Rockin along side of Chuck and Tom has been amazing to say the least. It was fun while it lasted and I hope we left a big impression and that the music has been a source of inspiration for those that needed it. That was the purpose we got together. So I say to y’all stay informed, stay engaged and fight the good fight. ✌🏽️🤟🏼 #DjLORD #ProphetsOfRage #TerrorWrist #TurnTablist

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