Du Chino en veux-tu en voilà

Chino Moreno est revenu sur la saillante couverture de « Gore », le prochain Deftones, ainsi que sur l’album en lui-même. Il considère « Diamond Eyes » et « Koi No Yokan » comme frère et sœur, « Gore » serait bien différent. Détails dans la suite. En brèves : Coldplay lui en touche sans faire bouger l’autre et il a apparemment besoin de tourner avec Deftones pour se payer ses burgers, sinon les fins de mois sont un peu chaud patate.

Sur l’artwork
« If you look at the title and the artwork it’s about a juxtaposition that, for me, is very beautiful. I think Deftones have always flirted with dynamic and that yin-and-yang of things that are provocative and things that are beautiful. Where our last two album titles were a lot more optimistic. I think this title is intentionally different. This record is very different. I feel like “Diamond Eyes” and “Koi No Yokan” were brother-sister records in a lot of ways. They were both recording in the same way. And even though it was a tough few years we went through while making those records, I think it was important to have their optimistic outlook.

Today, I feel different. But we also recorded this record in a different way. I’m not saying we went in with any preconceived ideas as such, but I do think we went in knowing that we wanted to make this record a little different from the last two. And I feel, definitely, like we did that. It’s still a Deftones record—we didn’t really have any new influences that changed that—but it’s an expansion of what we were comfortable with. And it’s important to get our your comfort zone sometimes witch the music—just to be excited. It’s got a different look. A different shade of color. I’d say some shade of purple. I don’t know why, but I think it sits somewhere between pink, red and purple. Sometimes when I hear music I see color, and when it came time to work on the artwork for this batch of songs, I knew exactly what I wanted. »

Sur l’album
« I think this is one of our most eclectic albums. It’s where we are in our careers and in our lives. We’ve had a lot of time to try different things. But we didn’t write tons and tons of songs, maybe only 16, and there are only 11 on the record. We weren’t second guessing ourselves and we took our time being as expansive as we could be with those ideas. »


Source: Metal Insider