Beck : C’est une pub Ikea ?

On avait oublié d’en parler mais le dernier clip de Beck, « Colors » est enfin sorti de sa diffusion exclusive Apple Music et c’est un très bon clip réalisé par Edgar Wright (Hot Fuzz, Baby Driver, Scott Pilgrim,…) que l’on découvre ! Beck y danse d’ailleurs avec l’actrice Alison Brie qui aurait répété 10h sur un week-end pour sauver le tournage, l’actrice initiale ayant dû abandonner à la dernière minute.

“I’ve never worked with Alison before, [but] I know her socially,” says Wright. “I texted her on a Friday night, it was like 9:30. I think we’d been rehearsing, and we hadn’t [gotten] someone yet, and I texted her, ‘Oh congratulations on Glow. Do you dance?’ This is entirely by text. And she goes, ‘Thanks. Well, I like dancing, I’m not a professional dancer. Why?’ And I said, ‘Well, I’m doing this Beck video. It’s me directing, Ryan Heffington is the choreographer, and we thought you’d be great to be the lead of it.’ She said, ‘Oh, wow, well I love Beck, I’m a huge fan, I love Ryan Heffington, and I’ve always wanted to work with you.’ I said, ‘Okay, well, this is great, there is a catch, however.’ And she said, ‘What’s the catch?’ I said, ‘I need you to rehearse tomorrow morning and Sunday morning, and then shoot Monday and Tuesday. Can you do it?’ And she went, ‘Oh, boy.’ And I was like, ‘I’m going to send you the script right now, and please tell me within half an hour if you can do it or not. Because if she couldn’t do it, it was like, ‘What the hell are we going to do on a Friday night? We’ve got to get someone for Monday!’ And then Alison texted back fifteen minutes later saying, ‘I’m in!’ She completely saved the day.”

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