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On a appris que de nombreux artistes allaient reprendre le dernier album de Sir Paul McCartney et parmi ceux-ci, un petit nouveau, Beck. Le musicien a donc repris le titre “Find My Way” et a expliqué chez Zane Lowe avoir repris le titre de zéro :

“He [McCartney] just sent me that particular tune, so I just went right into it. The way I work with remixes is I’ll take the vocal and then I’ll just start from scratch. I’ll just build a whole new song. And that particular song, I actually changed it from major to minor, so I had to do a little bit of altering, but I think it served the groove a bit. And also Paul did the album himself as well, playing on the instruments. So it’s sort of done in the spirit of the record that he made. I think that’s what is great about remixes is to completely take liberties and take the song completely somewhere unexpected.”

Et si vous voulez faire karaoké chez vous, la lyric video.

Source : NME