Blood Red Shoes : Un single Mulholland Drive

On était un peu passés à côté mais les Blood Red Shoes, qui viennent de sortir un album plus dense en termes de productions (« Ghosts Tape »), ont aussi publié un clip pour le titre « Comply ». C’est assez weird et le son fait parfois penser à Nine Inch Nails qu’on avait évoqué durant notre dernière interview, ceci explique peut-être cela !

« Head to youtube to see the full video for COMPLY. It’s not really a music video, it’s more like episode 1 of a short psychological horror story.
The video was inspired by Mulholland Drive, and Terry Gilliam’s Brazil, and Eyes Wide Shut by Kubrick, and we wanted to create something that had artistic value and power to it, not just a typical music video which is really just an advert for a single.
This is episode 1, and we have 3 more episodes in the coming weeks. Huge thanks to Craig Murray who really understood our album and our approach that it’s time to be adventurous and creative, and not just do the normal thing.
GHOSTS ON TAPE is out now everywhere. »

Source : Facebook