Editors : Un nouveau single et un clip généré par l’IA

Retour sur le devant de la scène pour les Editors qui balancent le clip « Heart Attack » qui est aussi, pour eux, l’occasion d’annoncer l’ajout du producteur Blanck Mass au line-up du groupe (le bonhomme avait déjà bossé avec le groupe sur son album « Violence » en 2018).

« Having worked with the band for coming up to five years now, joining Editors seemed more like a natural progression than a decision that had to be made. We know that we work well together, are on a similar page creatively, and are all very close friends. Being part of a ‘creative conglomerate’ is something that I haven’t experienced for a while now so to be part of something that works in that way again is both liberating and exciting in equal measures.”

Le single est, lui, décrit ainsi par le frontman Tom Smith :

« A song of obsession, about losing yourself in someone, a love song, a morbid love song. »

Quant au clip, il a été généré par l’intelligence artificielle :

« More recently I’ve been working with AI-generated art in my videos. It is a relatively new technology but its development is accelerating all the time. The full potential for it to completely revolutionise the visual creation process is yet to be seen. I currently think of working with the AI as a collaboration with a mad auteur who’s taken too much LSD. It is certainly quite interesting to be taken on a psychedelic journey by a computer who’s seen too much. » – Felix Geen, réalisateur

Source : Facebook