Emily Haines : Batte Girl

10 ans que la chanteuse de Metric, Emily Haines, n’avait pas sorti un album solo. Ha ouais quand même. Ce sera chose réparée le 15 Septembre prochain avec « Choir Of The Mind », un album de 13 titres enregistré fin 2016 sur un piano de 1850. En attendant, la belle a d’ores et déjà balancé quelques doux titres à se mettre dans les oreilles.

“The through-line of this record is a fascination with feminine strength and what that looks like. Often, we’re presented with either vulnerability out of innocence, and that’s celebrated, or a sort of hardened, leather-jacket-over-your-heart, ‘I’ve been through it all’ toughness, which I refuse to become. I refuse to become tough. The process of making this record was about going into those places but bringing out light. This isn’t a record that brings you down.”

The Globe and Mail notes, “Parts of the album that would normally have become string arrangements were instead turned into layers of vocals, the resulting impression being ‘a lullaby over a panic attack,’ according to Haines.

Source : Consequence Of Sound.