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Après quelques singles, assez inégaux je l’avoue, Friendly Fires a décidé d’annoncer son nouvel album et par la même occasion, on pourra déclarer l’été, à base de chemises ouvertes et rosé pamplemousse, OUVERT !
Ça s’appelle “Inflorescent” et ça sort le 16 Août prochain.

Our new album comes out on 16th of August! It’s called Inflorescent which means ‘blooming’ or ‘flowering’. Most of the songs have a conscious or unconscious theme of personal growth, do or die life-changing moments, and feeling scared but doing it anyway. And I think that’s very much what this record is for us. It’s a roll of the dice, and we’re about to find out what numbers turn up.

That’s all- we’ll see you all really soon

Source : Facebook