Green Day : Invasion Los Angeles

À l’occasion de la sortie de son best of « Greatest Hits: God’s Favorite Band« , Green Day en a profité pour glisser deux nouveaux titres dont « Back In The USA » ayant son propre clip. Un clip qui est un hommage clair et assumé au film de John Carpenter, « Invasion Los Angeles » qui mettait en scène la manipulation visuelle subliminale de notre quotidien par de belliqueux extra-terrestres.

“Back In The USA” is what you’d expect from a Green Day song in 2017, a politically-charged rock anthem that calls out blind patriotism and toxic partisanship. If the song’s lyrics weren’t clear enough, the accompanying video finds Green Day directly taking on Trump-era politics. Directed by Brendan Walter and Greg Yagolnitzer, the video casts the members of Green Day as fathers in a care-free 1950’s suburbia. However, after being given special glasses, the true realities of the world are revealed, including the alien horror show of our presidency, seemingly inspired by John Carpenter’s They Live. Watch above.

Source : CoS