Kasabian : La vie sans Tom Meighan

Tom Meighan, prié d’aller voir ailleurs par ses comparses de Kasabian, le groupe continue avec Sergio Pizzorno en frontman (tout en gérant la tempête de fans pro-Tom Meighan). Le groupe a donc sorti un nouveau (et donc second) single nommé « SCRIPTVRE ».

« It feels like a new era, like we’re entering the ring so move everyone out of the way. It has this huge sound that came from me bouncing off Kanye and old ‘70s soul cuts from digging in crates. There’s a euphoric, beautiful arms-in-the-air moment then goes back to this ferocious, heavy beat. It’s in your face.” — Serge

Alors, je sais pas si on a écouté le même morceau mais j’ai rien ressenti de tout ça. Enfin surtout le « in your face ».

Concernant l’album « The Alchemist’s Euhporia », prévu le 5 Août prochain, il déclare :

“The album has a big, epic sound but with a personal touch as well,” he said. “There are some softer edges alongside the massive parts. As a whole, it’s a beautiful thing and the most cohesive record we’ve ever made. It’s an emotional trip.

“It has a very universal feeling about forks in the road and which way you’re going to go. You’re a ship in the harbour – are you going to stay in the harbour, or do what a shop is supposed to do and get in the fucking sea, man? Go and ride as many waves as possible and see where you end up. It’s about dealing with that.”

Source : NME.com