Nova Twins : Un remix signé Fever 333

C’est ce qu’on appelle le piston bienvenu. Même si les Nova Twins n’ont pas grand chose à prouver dans le domaine de la street créd’, le duo avait été signé sur le label 333 Wreckords Crew de Jason Butler de Fever 333. Du coup, grosse surprise (non), le frontman est venu claquer un petit remix du titre « Undertaker ». Pas sûr que ta maman kiffe des masses « parce que ça crie beaucoup quand même, non ? »

“We love what Fever 333 did with this ‘Undertaker‘ remix. It’s one of our favourite tracks to play live and we thought that they would be perfect to rework it! Jason brought an entirely new energy to the table with his vocal. We hope that when venues open up again, we can all play it together on stage! That would be epic.”

Quant à Jason, il explique :

“I think one of the greatest things about this label collective is that it is run by artists for artists, which means every move we make is with artistry in mind. With that said – as label head I had the privilege of on boarding the inimitable Nova Twins to 333 Wrecks last year and as an artist myself I had the honor of working on a remix with them this year. Pretty win win scenario if you ask me. So much love and respect for these queens and I can’t wait for y’all to hear this one.”

Source : ThePRP