Placebo : Premier single en 5 ans.

Oui, c’est vendredi, je suis donc un peu foufou, je newse du Placebo. Le groupe venant de sortir un nouveau single « Beautiful James » , le premier en 5 ans et qui figurerait sur leur huitième album, le dernier remontant à 2013, soit une éternité.

“If the song serves to irritate the squares and the uptight, so gleefully be it. But it remains imperative for me that each listener discovers their own personal story within it – I really don’t want to tell you how to feel.” — Brian Molko

Dans un message effacé depuis, le groupe semblait en vouloir après vos épargnes post-COVID :

“NFT’s, posters & art prints, masks, cassette tapes, retro tees, a brand new fan club, even a fanzine, maybe dolls…. what placebostuff would you really like to get your hands on?” part of the deleted message read.

“New music & concerts!!’ is the rallying cry & we hear you. Please do not despair & trust that Album 8 is finished & being primed for release. We are also presently busy booking live dates.

“In the meantime, what else can we do for you? Can you help us by letting us know what you’re after? We’d love to hear from you. And since we’ll all be seeing a lot more of each other soon, we’d really like to know.”

Source : NME