Massive Attack : Une reprise bien pourrie Anthrax/Butcher Babies & Suicidal Tendencies

Boooon, ça vaaaaa, on a le droit de temps en temps d’être méchant. Vous croyez que ça vient d’où la méchanceté d’Orangina Rouge ? DU ROUGE. Du coup, j’avoue je lis plein de news et je suis toujours curieux alors quand je lis que des membres d’Anthrax, Butcher Babies et Suicidal Tendencies ont repris « Teardrop » de Massive Attack, avec des registres aussi éloignés, ça pique ma curiosité. Et c’est aussi bien qu’une audition de « The Voice » !


« Holalala, qu’est-ce qu’elle chante bien Carla Harvey » (Butcher Babies).


C’est nul.


Peut-on arrêter avec les reprises bidon s’il vous plait ? Pas assez de gens sont dead à cause du virus pour qu’on s’inflige ça ! Pas merci à la guitare, Charlie Benante (Anthrax) et Ra Diaz (Suicidal Tendencies) à la basse.

“I was on tour in the UK/Europe when I got Mezzanine by Massive Attack. I think it was 97/98 and I remember laying in my Bunk and being absorbed by the Music I was hearing. This was different than The Protection Record; It was Darker and the layered instruments created a dense listening experience…this album comes eerily close to giving me an out of body experience

There aren’t a lot of albums that can put me into a deep trance and keep me there for a long time, but this album does that amazingly well. The tracks really take their time to develop, and that mostly results in stunning instrumentals. Teardrop was one of those songs that I wish I’d Wrote, to this day it still gives me goosebumps.

I always wanted to do a “remix” or “my version”. I had the chance during this Quarantine/Stay at home Situation to make that happen. I asked RA and Carla to Help make it happen. The video is not like the normal Quarantine Videos, I wanted it to be Dark and Artsy Farsty ( like an MTV vid).

Carla Knocks it out of the park, she brought that vibe to the song and showed a different level I knew she had. Ra is On Point with the Rumble and groove, He always makes it look so easy.

Once again Thanks to @AndyLagis for the Mix, I know there was a lot to deal with but you Placed it all in the right spots DIma Levanchuk made a great video, not like a standard “quarantine Video”. He took his imagination and went somewhere with it.”

Source : ThePRP