Slipknot : Nouveau single ? Nouvel album !

Vous n’y aurez probablement pas échappé hier mais Slipknot a annoncé la sortie d’un nouvel album pour la rentrée. Le septième album de la formation « The End, So Far » sortira le 30 Septembre. Le groupe claque un second single « The Dying Song (Time To Sing) » qui, je l’avoue, me laisse un peu de marbre. Un peu trop propret tout ça…

“To me, ‘Vol. 3‘ was really the most expansive album that we had done, up to that point. It was the thing that kind of pushed the boundaries for everybody, you know? We were able to experiment with different styles of music, and really show people that there was so much more depth to what we do.

And I kind of feel like that’s what this album is doing. In a way it is [also] an extension of ‘We Are Not Your Kind‘, but to me, the songs are better, the structuring is better. We’re able to kind of take it even further, and after 23 years professionally, being able to say that there’s ground that we haven’t covered yet, and there’s ground that we’re excited to cover, is cool.” — Corey Taylor

01 – Adderall
02 – The Dying Song (Time To Sing)
03 – The Chapeltown Rag
04 – Yen
05 – Hivemind
06 – Warranty
07 – Medicine For The Dead
08 – Acidic
09 – Heirloom
10 – H377
11 – De Sade
12 – Finale

Source : ThePRP