Legend Of The Seagullmen : Un supergroupe qui embrouille

Rappelons que The Legend Of The Seagullmen, c’est un nouveau supergroupe avec Danny Carey (Tool) à la batterie, Brent Hinds de Mastodon et Jimmy Hayward réalisateur/animateur (!). Sortie du premier album prévue le 09 Février 2018, le groupe balance un nouveau titre « The Fogger » :

“‘The Fogger‘ is a mystical aquatic tale about The Seagullmen‘s very own drummer, Danny Carey. He stalks the ocean in search of users, abusers and polluters and deals lethal justice with his third eye while ripping the faces from skulls, just like he does during the punishing and beautifully complex drum solo in the middle of the song. The solo explodes into a furious conclusion, leaving no doubt about the karmic justice and pure ferocious power of ‘The Fogger’!”

Source : ThePRP

01. We Are The Seagullmen
02. The Fogger
03. Shipswreck
04. Curse of the Red Tide
05. Legend of the Seagullmen
06. The Orca
07. Rise of the Giant
08. Ballad of the Deep Sea Diver