The Good, The Bad & The Queen : Damon is on fire

On le sait tout dédié à Gorillaz ces derniers jours mais Damon Albarn n’en a pas fini avec l’année 2018 et l’on pourrait bien profiter d’un nouvel album des The Good, The Bad & The Queen cet automne ou cet hiver !

“We’re playing it back at the moment downstairs, yeah I think [is finished]. So anyways, it’s been a really exciting time. It’s been a fantastic year so far. Been in South Africa, did a album with amazing artists and then did The Now Now and then The Good, the Bad & the Queen so it’s a lot of music coming out, so there’s a lot of music coming out. I hope [I’ve] sort of been good with my editing otherwise everyone is going to be sick of what I do.”

Rappelons que le producteur Tony Visconti devrait y participer.

Source : Consequence Of Sound