The Soft Moon : Second single tout en souplesse !

Nouveau single du futur album « Exister » de The Soft Moon, « Become The Lies » qui semble bien plus verser sur le côté dark wave de Luis Vazquez. Par contre, gros GROS doute sur le fait qu’on puisse en faire la danse de l’été malgré la choré’ du frontman.

“I had an identity crisis after discovering dark secrets about my family’s past. This happened while I was writing the album and it destroyed me. ‘Become The Lies‘ expresses how everything I thought I knew about my life was untrue. Lies, shame and guilt have been a recurring theme in my music.

I explored it in ‘Criminal‘, but during the writing process of ‘Exister‘ I became more self-aware and finally understood that I was never the liar in the story. I wanted to dance in the video to contrast with the lack of control I felt over my life in that moment. It’s my way of shaking off the bad stuff. It’s also an escape from the seriousness of this song.”

01 – “Sad Song
02 – “Answers
03 – “Become The Lies
04 – “Face Is Gone
05 – “Monster
06 – “The Pit
07 – “NADA
08 – “Stupid Child
09 – “Him” (feat. fish narc)
10 – “Unforgiven” (feat. Alli Logout)
11 – “Exister

Source : Facebook