The Subways : Josh quitte le groupe

Sale nouvelle, Josh Morgan, le batteur de The Subways, quitte le groupe.

Le communiqué évoque un départ pour raison familiale. La famille de Josh étant française, autant dire que ça va encore finir par être de notre faute et que l’entente cordiale va en prendre un sacré coup.

La décision semble en tout cas mûrement réfléchie et non provoquée par sa santé comme ce fut le cas en 2015.

Le batteur a rendu ses parties pour le futur album de The Subways mais ne participera pas à la promotion ni à l’hypothétique tournée qui l’accompagnera.

Josh étant un membre fondateur de The Subways (dont le line up n’a jamais changé) et le frère de Billy, la question pouvait se poser et ils y répondent : The Subways ne se sépare pas et continuera avec un nouveau batteur dont l’identité sera révélée quand elle sera révélée. Voilà.



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Today our long time manager, Ben, made a statement on The Subways social media that Josh will no longer be part of the band. I am so very sad to not be playing bass with Josh again and will miss him a huge amount….I know a lot of you will be as sad as me today. He is a massive talent, hilarious, kind, passionate and the definition of a natural drummer. The 3 of us have had some unbelievable adventures over the past 15+ years & have done more than we ever imagined in that time. Billy & I are working hard right now to finish Album 5, and making lots of big plans for when we can eventually tour again….keep an eye on The Subways socials for some exciting news coming very soon… Sending all my love to Josh and I can’t wait to see what he does next…Good luck dude! 📸 @stunphoto Reading 2007

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« Today we announce the beginning of a new chapter for The Subways. After a period of reflection, Josh, the band’s drummer and founding member of The Subways, for family reasons, has made the hard decision to step away from the band. This decision, though not at all easy for anyone, feels like the correct one. Josh has nevertheless completed drum contributions for The Subways’ upcoming album, which is due to be mixed at the end of the year, with a potential release scheduled for late-2021/early-2022 (*post Covid*). However, he will not take part in any of The Subways’ promotion or touring plans going forward. We all wish Josh the very best with regard to his future plans. Goomusic remains his close friend & manager, and we know that there are musical gems in the pipeline from the hairy lunatic. I urge you all to post, with so much love, messages and pictures for him…”
The Subways will be continuing with a new drummer, to be announced when the time is right.
Ben, Goomusic Management, The Subways
(Photo Credit Stuart Nicholls – ‘Josh’s Drum Kit Destruction – Reading Festival, 2007’) »