Tigercub : Nouveau single et prochain album

Découverts et accompagnés par le label des Blood Red Shoes, Tigercub revient avec un nouveau single « Stop Beating On My Heart (Like A Bass Drum) ». Ne vous laissez pas tromper par l’intro toute mielleuse qui a failli me pousser à passer au titre suivant car le titre révèle sa lourdeur au fur et à mesure.

Le groupe en a profité pour annoncer la sortie de leur prochain album « As Blue As Indigo » le 18 juin.

« This album bares the emotional scars of it’s inception, it pushed us to our absolute limits. It is unapologetically heavy & and fearless in it’s honesty and I can’t wait for you to hear it.
There are people in life that seem to bring a cloud of toxicity and conflict along with them wherever they go. When they come into my world it’s like storm clouds have formed over my head and, there is only a matter of time before the first rain drop falls and the storm erupts… The storm opens up old wounds, resurrects pain and causes emotional chaos, i’m left rudderless and disorientated from it, as i start to pick myself back up I know it’s only a matter of time before it happens again… In ‘Like A Bass Drum’ I am begging for it to end. I am pleading to halt the emotional torment, Stop beating on my heart like a bass drum.
I use songwriting as a safe space to process my feelings, and this song served to be my way of dealing with my own personal problems and my own inner anguish.
‘Like A Bass Drum’ is part of a series of songs from ‘As Blue As Indigo’ that introspectively searches for the meaning in sadness and melancholy. It draws on the subjectivity of colour to paint metaphors and help me interrogate myself further.
I have nowhere left to look but inside. As a male, society has taught me never to show emotion and never to be seen as weak, the side effects of this are palpable. Sometimes, It feels like my own abject masculinity is the thing that holds me back from happiness. »
1. As Blue As Indigo
2. Sleepwalker
3. Blue Mist In My Head
4. Stop Beating On My Heart (Like A Bass Drum)
5. Funeral
6. Built To Fail
7. Shame
8. As Long As You’re Next To Me
9. Beauty
10. In The Autumn Of My Years

Source : Facebook