Ils sont pas 4 sur cette pochette ?

Parfois les hippies, ça détache ses cheveux et ça headbangue parce que le fromage de chèvre ça va bien cinq minutes !
Phil Anselmo sort un EP « solo » (c’est Tibo qui le dit) de 2 titres à récupérer [url=]gratos par là[/url] et claque une vidéo dans la suite.
Et sinon, le prochain Down, y va kiffer la vibe’s façon Black Sabbath, interview par là [url=]in english, thank you sir, where is the library I have one brother and one sister and I like video games[/url].
[i]We want to thank all of our fans for a wonderful year celebrating What It Is To Burn, the anniversary tour surpassed all of our expectations… We have the
best fans in the world! Last night was the last WIITB Anniversary Show in North America, We’ll be playing WIITB in Japan and Australia in February and that will be the end of the WIITB tour. The album has meant so much to us and we cannot thank our fans enough for helping us celebrate it this past year.
We will NOT be breaking up. We have never said that we’d break up. We only knew that the anniversary tour would be limited. We will definitely be playing some shows beyond the WIITB tour and are looking forward to the future. This is because of our amazing fans… we had no idea that a couple anniversary shows would turn out to be a year long sold out world tour… Thank you. See you soon!


Nate, R2, Grizzly, Daniel and Alex[/i]