Eyes Of The Tiiiiiger

Ca y est, Emanuel, grosse sensation Rock de 2005 refont parler d’eux. Ils enregistrent actuelement Black Hearth Tiger, le successeur de Soundtrack To A Headrush, et le définissent comme un peu moins violent, et s’approchant peut etre plus de leurs groupes fétiches, je cite hein : Smashing Pumpkins, Deftones, Nirvana. Pas de date de sortie, puisque l’enregistrement est toujours en cours, le deuxième album des américains sera produit par Terry Date (deftones, soundgarden, dredg). Enfin, d’apres Matthew, le chanteur, cet album sera le meilleur que nous n’aurons jamais entendu jusqu’alors. On ne demande qu’à le croire. La V.O dans la suite.
happy valentines everbody!
i thought i would write a little something up and let everyone know whats going on with your old pals emanuel. weve been here in the studio in seattle fir about 2 weeks now, and just finished the drums tracks, to our new album entitled « BLACK EARTH TIGER » courtesy of our good friend chris on drums. for alot of personal reasons our long time drummer and friend, anthony isnt playing with us on the record. its nothing im going to dive into right now, but i figured you guys would want to be in on it…. dont fret though. chris is an incredible drummer and the drums are great on the record.
were working with producer terry date (deftones, soundgarden, dredg) and hes the shit. its probably going to be the best sounding record youve ever heard.
but fuck all this i know you guys want some dirt.
i guess all i can do is compare it soundtrack…..its much more intricate, and atmospheric, layers of sounds and a roller coaster of tempos. i dont exactly know what to compare it too its a little more like our 90s influences like the pumpkins, deftones, nirvava etc. its sadder and more epic than soundtrack i think. its somthing ive always wanted to make and never thought id be able to. i couldnt begin to tell you how excited i am about it. its lush and brutal and at the same time delicate and dark. its a big step for us.
thats it for now. i hate writing like this.