Lyric’s Hunter

Parce que j’espère rattraper le nombre de news postées au sujet des Pumpkins par Ross avec celles sur Emanuel, voici les paroles de « Cottonmouth », toujours issue de Black Earth Tiger, et plus que toujours écoutable sur leur myspace, à lire en suite donc, avec également une petite explication de texte.

out go the lights and she’s so helpless
like an animal with all of its legs broke.
ill give you everything that you want,
just once its been done,
you can’t go back.
(were all torn apart about you now)
won’t you let me have my way with you, cottonmouth?
ill forever be inside of you, cottonmouth.
it comes in waves like I’m in then I’m out,
but she arches her back and I come to.
she says if I take a look in your eyes,
I’m a deer in headlights,
I’m paralyzed.
(were all beside ourselves right now)
so loose yourself,
and let go of all the world,
hanging onto you,
an image of white light.
disolve in their hands,
and stare at the sun,
until you go blind.

[i]I usually don’t do this, but whatever. I wrote this song kindve about being a scumbag. like someone really really wanting you, and you don’t care for them, you just fuck them because you can.
you know me. I don’t write songs that make you feel good. holla at panic! or some flip flop wearin band if you want that.
now get your ass out and rep emanuel so we can take the fuck over[/i].