Yard Act : La collab’ avec… Elton John !

Les Yard Act se sont payés un petit kiff tout perso en enregistrant une nouvelle version de leur titre « 100% Endurance » aux côtés d’Elton John.

“I think he’d been for a Chairman of the Board meeting at Watford or something [prior to the recording], and then he came to us. It was bananas. It was wicked. I don’t think there’s anything more Yard Act than you directly addressing Elton John within a song he’s playing piano on. You know what I mean? The fact he went for it. I was like, “That’s amazing.” It was such an experience and he was just such a sound, sound person. He was brilliant.” — James Smith

“They’re a very special band, with a massive future ahead of them and I’m honoured they’ve let me be a part of their journey.” — Elton John

“It felt like there’s ways we could accentuate and highlight the melody and the emotion of that track without over egging it, while still sling in a string section and loads of lush Elton John piano all over it. And then, obviously, because he’d been so kind about us and he’d been calling me a little bit, we thought why not ask him?” — James Smith

Source : NME.com