Clutch / Lamb Of God : Un petit feat bien vénère des familles

Voilà un titre qui passe bien, Clutch a décidé de réenregistrer certains de ses titres mais cette fois, le groupe a invité un copain ! Randy Blythe, leader de Lamb Of God vient réitérer une participation qu’il avait déjà effectuée en live il y a quelques années, sur « Passive Restraints ».
Neil Fallon de Clutch explique :

« Passive Restraints‘ was one of the first Clutch songs I wrote lyrics to. It was a staple of Clutch sets for years, but fell by the wayside as we wrote more and more songs over the years. When we toured with Lamb Of God a few years back, Randy would often ask us to bring it back into rotation. We dragged our feet and finally we caved. And we were glad we did. Last time Clutch played ‘CopenhellRandy joined us on stage to perform the song. We decided to re-record it for the WM Vault series and thought it was only fitting to have Randy join us. »

Quant à Randy :

“When Clutch asked if I wanted to sing an older song with them during our 2016 tour together, I knew immediately which one I wanted to do- ‘Passive Restraints.’ We performed it in Milwaukee, then again a few years later at ‘Copenhell Fest‘ in Denmark, and I had a blast both times.

I think they were a bit surprised I chose a song released in 1992, but I’ve been a fan for a long time. I’ve followed their development as a band since the early days and have enjoyed every album, but as a musician I know sometimes it’s fun to dust off something you haven’t played in many years and see how it sounds. The song holds up to this day, and I was honored to sing on its re-release.”

Source : ThePRP